Payroll Integration

Recordkeeping meets the cloud

Historically recordkeepers have lead the way in delivering technology solutions to the 401(k) industry. However, bundled TPAs who license their recordkeeping software from others are at the mercy of their software providers to deliver the features they need. But as companies like Zenefits quickly disrupt the HR world, sometimes this software doesn’t keep up with plan sponsors' expectations.

Independent TPAs using Payroll Integrations’ technology solution provide their clients with the same seamless and integrated experience as payroll TPAs offer, while maintaining their excellent plan administration and customer service.

Payroll Integrations’ plug-and-play SaaS solution delivers 360° integration from most major payroll vendors directly to clients' recordkeeping platform. This means clients no longer need to:

  1. Upload payroll data in spreadsheets every payroll cycle
  2. Make updates to the 401(k) when employees are hired or terminated
  3. Update 401(k) deferral changes in the payroll system
  4. Compile annual census data for compliance testing

Plan sponsors sign up online in as little as 10 minutes! Contact us today to see if Payroll Integrations’ solution is right for your practice.